Spooky Halloween Set

Spooky Halloween Set

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Get your party ready for Halloween with real life spiders and web, gory wound stickers and a blood dripping necklace.

Spooky Halloween spiders and fake cobweb decorations; not for the arachnophobic!

Spiders and spider webs make the perfect decorations for a seriously creepy party!

Spooky Halloween spiders and fake cobweb decorations: not recommended for the arachnophobes amongst us!

Spiders and spider webs make the perfect decorations for a seriously creepy party!


Stretch out over half a metre and further

Including 10 mini Spiders

Web Material: Cotton

Spider material: Plastic


Halloween Wound Stickers

High quality waterproof temporary tattoos.

Perfect for Halloween or any other Costume Party.

Looks very realistic.

Non toxic, no harm to skin.

5 tattoos per sheet

Sheet size: 10 cm  x 6 cm 

How to use temporary tattoo:

1. Select and cut off tattoo of your choice .

2. Wash the place you want to stick this tattoos on.

3. Peel off protective film / foil.

4. Put the side of sticker with pattern to your skin.

5. Use damp cloth to press the sticker.

6. Uncover slowly to see if tattoo is sticking properly. If not repeat step 5.

6. Uncover and enjoy. 


1. Saturate tattoo with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

2. Wait 10 seconds, then rub away tattoo with cotton pad.

Tattoo is very durable, it will resist hand washing but if you rub too much  it may fade.

Tattoo should last 3 - 5 days.

Bloody drip necklace, full of horror, joke and funny Halloween necklace.
Slit throat fancy dress look
Great for Halloween props jewellery decoration.

Material:Resin/Plastic, are made of a slightly stretchy and very red gel

Great accessory for Halloween Costume, looks very real and scary

Length 30*8 cm