Lily Bear Baby Fresh Food Feeder & Teats
Lily Bear Baby Fresh Food Feeder & Teats
Lily Bear Baby Fresh Food Feeder & Teats
Lily Bear Baby Fresh Food Feeder & Teats

Lily Bear Baby Fresh Food Feeder & Teats

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Baby Fresh Food Feeder, with Integrated Rattle, Travel Cover & Spare Teat.

The feeder comes with a large and medium size teat.

  • Hygienic and Easy to Clean
  • Introduce Your Baby to Solids Without the Risk of Choking
  • Can Use For Fresh & Cooked Foods
  • Make Feeding Time Fun With Its Integrated Rattle

BPA Free

Food Grade Silicone

6 Months +

Designed With Hygienic Travel Cover

Includes x2 Teats (Large & Medium Size)

Perfect for First Stage of Weaning

The Lily Bear baby fresh food feeder is a fun and safe way for mother’s to introduce healthy, fresh food into their babies’ diet, without the risk of choking.

Foods can be fresh as well as cooked, with some obvious favourites being fruit and vegetables.

Safety First:

The feeder is made of BPA fee, food grade silicone. It allows you to introduce solids into your baby’s diet, whilst eliminating the risk of choking.


The feeder is easy to clean, and the teat can easily be removed for a more thorough clean.

Easy To Use and Convenient:

Snap open the top of the feeder and place the food into the teat. Give it to your baby straight away or have it as a prepared snack. The feeder is designed with a travel cover for mothers on the go.

Make Feeding Time, Fun Time:

The Lily Bear feeder has an integrated rattle, to keep your baby fully occupied and happy during feeding time.

Price Friendly:

The Lily Bear feeder comes with a bonus replaceable teat. It is larger, so it can be used for large foods, and also acts as a replacement when one of the teats is worn out. When both teats are worn, no need to buy a whole new feeder. The replaceable teat system, that the feeder is designed with, means that you can simply buy some replaceable teats from the Lily Bear range, when a teat needs replacing. Another way Lily Bear looks to save mother’s money!


  • For babies 6 Months +.
  • This is not a pacifier, and should not be given to a baby without supervision.
  • Do not leave a baby unattended with the feeder.