Gym Sliding Discs & Loop 6 Resistance Bands
Gym Sliding Discs & Loop 6 Resistance Bands

Gym Sliding Discs & Loop 6 Resistance Bands

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Gym Sliding Discs & 6 Gym Loop Resistance Bands


Gym Discs Pair

If you hit the gym or work out at home regularly, you know how fast your muscles adapt to the same exercise sets. That can make your training easier and more comfortable. On the other hand, such workouts won’t produce the desired effect on your body, and eventually, you’ll get bored with them. Why don’t you ring the changes on your training sessions with these gliding discs? They are perfect for this purpose!

Unless you want your fitness level to plateau, consider adding some new exercises to your programme. There is a variety of challenging sets you can perform with our sports equipment. Hurry up to buy the gliding discs if you’d like to diversify your workouts, tone your body and make it stronger. These round sliders are beyond compare to target many muscle groups, which is essential for every fitness enthusiast. 

About the size of a paper plate, these thin sliders are intended to enhance your strength and flexibility. The good news is that you can exercise with them wherever you are. Their soft fabric side is suitable for working out on tile or hardwood floors, while the opposite one is excellent for gliding on carpets.

Our gliding discs produce the best effect when you place your hands or feet on their surfaces and slide on them while exercising. Thus, you work out your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and other muscles. And think of how much you can improve your coordination by keeping balance on unstable surfaces!

The range of exercises with these sliders is limitless. Just turn on your imagination! Here is what you may want to try after purchasing the best gliding discs online:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Seated knee tucks
  • Lateral or reverse lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Reverse tucks
  • Squats
  • Gliding sit-ups 

They come with a guide that is brimming with different exercise sets to any taste and fitness level. Whether you are an avid athlete or a newbie, you will find a myriad of engaging moves for yourself.


L 17.8 cm

W 17.8 cm

H 1cm


 6 Gym Loop Resistance Bands

Wellness is a huge trend in the 21st century. Clean eating and regular exercise have become one of our ultimate goals. People are constantly looking for new ways to get fit and healthy on a budget as gym membership prices skyrocket. Luckily, these days, you no longer need to work out with a personal trainer to keep your body toned and lean. The Internet makes exercising at home easier than ever, and there are tons of free workouts online.

If you don’t have enough space in your house to create a full-on home gym with high-class equipment – don’t worry! Most workouts you can find on the Internet require only a mat and a couple of dumbbells. However, it is easy to get injured while working out with free weights without a professional trainer keeping your form in check. The solution is easy – you can switch your dumbbells with resistance bands for legs, arms, and thighs. They are much more affordable and take up less space.

What is more, they come in sets of five where each band offers a different level of resistance so that you can adjust them to your progressing needs and goals. Legs and thigh resistance bands are what you need to take your squats to a whole new level! But don’t think they are just for your glutes – resistance bands can work out your entire body, completely replacing free weights in your routine. 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY resistance band set – improves strength and mobility, suitable for yoga and Pilates classes as well as injury rehabilitation.
  • FOR EVERY FITNESS LEVEL – the set includes 5 loop bands 12 X 2". Each band provides different resistance and is marked accordingly, which allows you to pick the right level for you and gradually increase the load on your muscles. Use the bands individually or together, mixing them in different ways to achieve the desired resistance.
  • VERSATILE – resistance loops can work your entire body. They are suitable for yoga, Pilates and CrossFit to strengthen your stabilising muscles, reducing the risk of injury and assisting in rehabilitation. The bands are just as effective as free weights and can easily replace them in your workout.
  • DURABLE – resistance bands are made from high-quality rubber. The material guarantees durability and is created to withstand years after years of day resistance training.
  • PORTABLE – small resistance bands will take very little space in your closet. You can also easily toss them into your car or keep them in your desk drawer at the office for a quick exercise anywhere and anytime. The bands come with a carry bag to keep them organised at all times.
  • COLOR-CODED – each item is marked from Light to XX-Heavy and comes in a different colour to help you easily navigate through the resistance levels and reach for the right band every time.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – a set of resistance bands is basically a pocket gym. Buy them to avoid spending a lot of money on a gym membership and workout at home or on the go.


Generise Gym 6 Loop Resistant Bands - Blue/ Grey (weight between 5lbs - 40lbs)

Material: Rubber


30.5 cm x 5 cm