Generise Speed Skipping Rope
Generise Speed Skipping Rope

Generise Speed Skipping Rope

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Generise Speed Skipping Rope

Just like the perfect athlete, the Generise skipping rope is strong but light and adaptable to all situations. Use it at home or put it into your gym bag for the perfect workout every time!


Solid handles

Adjustable length

3 Metre Length


Getting the correct length for your height

When you stand on the middle of the jump rope and pull both ends toward the sky, the tips of the rope should reach your shoulders. If the rope falls short of this the rope will not hit the ground as it passes under your feet when you jump.

Set Up:

  • Untie the strips to release the rope
  • Pull the two small protective covers off each end of the rope and put them to one side safely (you will need to put these back on once you have setup the rope). This will enable you to release the handles and the two screw attachments.
  • Position and adjust the handles in the correct position at each side of the rope, meaning the rope is perfect to use for your height.
  • Secure the correct position in place by tightening the screw attachments with a screwdriver at the chosen parts at each side of the rope.
  • Making sure you leave enough space for the protective cover, If you wish, you can now safely cut off any excess length of rope.
  • Place the two protective covers over each end of the rope now.
  • When using the rope, the handles will now sit in the correct position against the screw attachments.
  • The rope is now ready to use for your height
  • In future just adjust the length by loosening the screw attachments as outlined.