Generise Generic Anti Snore Magnetic Nose Clip

Generise Generic Anti Snore Magnetic Nose Clip

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Generise Generic Anti Snore Magnetic Nose Clip

Being Next to Someone Who Snores Can Be Extremely Aggravating and Disruptive.  Snoring Affects the Quality of Your Sleep and of Those Around You.

Using Gentle Pressure and Magnetic Therapy, the Acusnore Nose Clip Helps Open Nasal Passages By Taking Pressure Off Parts of The Throat That Vibrate and Cause Snoring. An Improvement Over Snore Strips, the Acusnore Nose Clip Requires No Painful Peeling Off and Has Built-In Therapeutic Magnets.

Why Do People Snore?

There Are Numerous Reasons Why People Snore, the Most Common Is Called "Simple Snoring" Brought on By Tiredness, Stress, Obesity, Drink, Nasal or Sinus Problems and Even Your Sleeping Position.

During Sleep the Mouth and Throat Muscles Relax. The Tongue Can Drop and The Vibration of The Uvula During the Sleeping Cycle Can Translate to Snoring.

Originally Only Sold to Medical Institutions


Magnetic Nose Clip.

Carry Case.

Help Reduce or Prevent Snoring.

Helps to Improve Sleep.

Get Better Quality Sleep.

Better Sleep Improves Overall Health.

Better Sleep Improve Daily Alertness.

Magnetic Therapy.

Open Nasal Passages.

Helps to improve Air Flow.