Generise 5pc Car Kit
Generise 5pc Car Kit
Generise 5pc Car Kit
Generise 5pc Car Kit
Generise 5pc Car Kit

Generise 5pc Car Kit

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Generise 5pc Car Kit

We all need car accessories so why not start with our 5pc car care kit. We have considered speed and efficiency on those cold mornings with our windscreen cover and the safety of you and your vehicle with the dashboard matts and car key signal blocking pouches.


X1 Windscreen Cover - Reversible  - All Year Round for Winter and Summer.

X2 Dashboard Mats.

X2 Car Key RFID Signal Blocker And Card Holder - Double Pocket.


Generise Anti-Theft Reversible Windscreen Car Cover

(Small To Medium Windscreen) 150cm X 70cm

Protect Your Windscreen From Sun And Dust In The Summer. Ice And Frost In The Winter! 

Summer: Silver Side Down

Winter: Black Side Down


x1 Anti-Theft Windscreen Cover 150cm X 70cm

x2 Suction Cups - Included but no necessary. We find they work great by inserting the edges into the car doors.


Place The Cover Over The Windscreen And Secure Down By Placing The Side Of The Cover Inside The Door. Place The Windscreen Wipers Over The Bottom Edge Of The Cover.

Can Be Used Without The Cups, By Using The Car Doors To Secure The Cover.


Suction Cups Not Magnetic



Car Key RFID Signal Blocker And Card Holder - Double Pocket

"Totally Block The Car Key Fob Signal & DON'T GET HACKED!!"

What Is A The Generise Car Key Signal Blocker Case?
It Is A Special Case That Blocks The Passage Of Radio Signals.

Why Do You Need The Generise Car Key Signal Blocker Case?
Block Thieves From Boosting The Car Key Signal.

Keyless Entry Car Crime Is On The Rise! 


Blocks Car Key Signals

Double Pocket

Front Pocket For Credit Cards Or Cash

Back Pocket For Key Fobs.

Velcro Close 

NO Signal Gets Out!

Place The Key Fob Inside The Back Pocket Behind The Special Cloth And Close The Flap.

The Front Pocket Can Be Used As General Storage For Your Wallet Like Items I.E. Credit Cards, Driving Licence Etc

The Velcro Close Faraday Bag Pouch Effectively Blocks The Signals From Auto Keyless Entry Fobs. You Cannot Open Your Car Or Start It With Key Fob In The Pouch When Closed.

Keep Your Smart Keys Inside A Faraday Pocket To Prevent Thieves Hacking The Locks On Your Car



Dashboard Mats

The Anti-Glare, Flexible Design Is Ideally Suited For Dashboard Placement.

Make Your Driving Experience As Safe As Possible. Prevents Items Thrown On Dash From Sliding Around And Distracting The Driver. A Gripping Action Can Hold Sunglasses, Coins and Keys In Place.


Can Also Be Used In Bathroom, Kitchen Or Office

Temperature Resistant


Light Weight


Width 8cm

Length: 14cm


Silica Gel


Black Or Clear