6pc Ejection Car Series - Toys

6pc Ejection Car Series - Toys

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6pc Ejection Car Series

Our exciting 6pc Ejection Car Series, designed to keep children happily engaged and on the move for hours of endless fun! Each set features a main Ejector Car and five additional cars to fire out, providing hours of entertainment.

With a simple load, drop the lid, and watch the cars eject into action! The set includes one Ejector Car, one Green Car, one Red Car, one Yellow Car, and one Blue Car, offering a variety of vibrant colours and playful possibilities for your little ones. Let the thrill and excitement begin with our Ejection Car Series!


x1 Blue Ejector Car.

x1 Green Car.

x1 Red Car.

x1 Yellow Car.

1x Blue Car.

Slight Damage to Box But Toys Unaffected.