Pet Care Kit - 5pc or 6pc
Pet Care Kit - 5pc or 6pc

Pet Care Kit - 5pc or 6pc

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Pet Care Kit - 5pc or 6pc

Treat your pet this summer and help maintain their health and wellbeing with our 5pc Pet Car Kit. Each Kit contains a Pet Seat Belt for those car safety journeys, our 2 in 1 pet clicker and whistle and finally, our 3 pack tick remover. 

5pc Contents: 

Pet Seat Belt, Ticker Remover 3 Pack, 2 in 1 Pet Whistle and Clicker.

6pc Contents:

Pet Seat Belt, Ticker Remover 3 Pack, 2 in 1 Pet Whistle and Clicker, Nit Comb.


Generise Pet Seat Belt x1

The pet seat belt by Generise has an adjustable strap to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet.

Made from high-quality nylon fabric to ensure maximum strength it features a solid zinc alloy swivel snap with quality buckles. Provides a more relaxing driving experience for you and your pet.

Each pet belt comes in 3 separate colours and can be easily removed making it the perfect leash for your vehicle.






Width: 2.5cm

Full Length Tip to tip - 70cm

Full Length minus the seat belt clip once inserted - 63cm

Adjust between from 38cm to 63cm.



Generise Pet Training Clicker & Whistle x1

Most commonly used for dogs, this 2 in 1 clicker and whistle can be used for numerous pets. Our clicker & pet training whistle is the perfect tool for training. After your pet is trained, just one blow of this whistle will make it easier for you to control your pet and help them to follow any orders or requests. Each 2 in 1 training clicker and whistle or puppy training clicker can also be used for cats, birds, chickens, sheep and even mice! Perfect in helping establish obedience and avoiding bad behaviour.




Keyring Attachment.

3 Colours - Black, Blue, Light Blue



Anti Nit Head Lice Comb x1

Effectively remove nits from root to tip with our solid steel nit comb with rubber grip strip. Our highly effective head lice comb has the ability to grip the hair from root to tip to help ensure even the smallest nits are removed. Stop the itching and the risk of infection while preventing or reducing the risk of reinfection.

Great for humans and pets! Made from solid stainless steel, the spaces between each solid strand leaves almost no space for nits to escape from! 


Stainless Steel.

Rubber Strip Grips.


Pet and Human Use.

Minimum gaps between each steel strand for maximum results.

Rounded Ends.

Size: 9.8cm x 6.5cm.


Use with care as the ends are solid



Generise Pet Tick Remover 3 Pack

Ticks are incredibly dangerous for your pet! Your pet’s health is a priority for all responsible owners and ticks should be removed as soon as possible. Removing ticks with our tick removal tool will help prevent serious disease and illness for your beloved pets.


Easy to use.

Quickly remove ticks without harm to your precious pet and avoids the need for chemical-based treatments.

Our tested tick removers help remove different size ticks quickly and efficiently.

Can be used on dogs, cats, birds, horses and yes, even human beings!

Free your pets of ticks immediately with the 3pc set tick removal remover tool. 

Full instructions included.

Colour: Light Blue 

3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large


S - 1mm

M - 2mm

L - 3mm