Boxing Ball Headband
Boxing Ball Headband
Boxing Ball Headband
Boxing Ball Headband
Boxing Ball Headband
Boxing Ball Headband

Boxing Ball Headband

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE- You can take this fight ball reflex tennis ball with you anywhere. You can attach it to be back of your baseball cap. Will perfectly fit into your pocket and backpack. Very convenient for transportation.
  • IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH-Exercise is good for your body. You build muscles while increasing your stamina. Boxing this reflex ball is a good alternative for a gym. It will influence all muscle groups.
  • IMPROVE YOUR REACTIONSKILLS- You improve your reaction skills when you use this fight ball reflex punch exercise for boxing. It also improves your accuracy and eye and hand coordination and speed punching.


Colour and pattern: red, yellow, letters without buckles, with buckles (optional)

Material: PU+ polyester

Function: train boxing consciousness, reaction speed and punch regularity

Weight: 78g, buckle 82G

26 inch resting elastic. Expands to well over based on the power of the punches applied


The harder to hit the ball, the faster it comes back. 

Trajectory of the ball depends on the point of your kick. 

You must have time to react to the ball and hit it or leave.

Good for your health: Exercising is good for your body and mind. 

Perfect training workout tool for many muscle groups.

Packing list:

1 x Fight Ball 

1 x Head Band 

1 x Elastic Rope